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  1. Large Victorian Style Sterling Silver Hair Pin Clip Barrette with Stick

    $ 147.55

    Barrette is 2" High and 3" Wide Hair Pin is 4.5" Long with a 1.75" Dangle Weight is About 43+ Grams Marked 925 This ornately decorated hair clip has hair comb prongs and two loops to put the attached hair...
  2. Sterling Silver Filigree Dragonfly Ponytail Hair Holder

    $ 24.99

    Out of Stock

    This Hair Clip is Set With a Sterling Silver Dragonfly That is 1.25" Long and 1&7/8" Wide. This Unique Hair Clip Weighs 14 Grams and is Marked .925.
  3. Wood Hair Stick Pin with Sterling Silver Celtic Knot

    $ 39.97

    6.5" long x 1" wide Weight is 15 Grams Sterling Silver Knot Rosewood Hair Stick Crafted of Rosewood and Inlayed with a Sterling Silver Celtic Knot
  4. Medium Victorian Daisy Sterling Silver Hair Clip Pin

    $ 69.95

    2.5" Long and 1.375" Wide Weight is 16.4 Grams Marked 925 This medium sized hair barrette is ornately decorated with small daisy florettes and crafted entirely of sterling silver, including the comb prongs and clip.
  5. Sterling Silver Celtic Knotted Vines Hair Barrette Clip

    $ 99.99

    Out of Stock

    This is a Solid Sterling Silver Hair Barrette with a Gorgeous Celtic Knotted Vine Design. Barrette measures 3.25" long x 1.25" wide, weighs 25 grams, and is stamped .925. The clip is made of a base metal.
  6. Victorian Small Daisy Sterling Silver Hair Pin Barrette

    $ 59.99

    2.25" Long and 1.5" High Weight is Approximately 15.3 Grams Marked 925 This small hair barrette is ornately decorated with small daisy florettes and entirely crafted of sterling silver including the comb prongs and clip.
  7. Sterling Silver GARNET & BLACK ONYX Hair Pin or Stick

    $ 21.99

    Out of Stock

    This is a Beautiful Sterling Silver Beaded Hair Pin Comb or Stick set with Genuine Garnet & Black Onyx. It measures 3.25" tall and 2.25" wide, weighs approximately 10 grams, and is crafted of genuine .925 sterling silver.
  8. Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Sterling Silver Hair Pin Comb Stick

    $ 79.97

    Out of Stock

    Genuine Garnet and Rainbow Moonstone 3.75" High and 2" Wide Weight is About 13 Grams Marked 925 This unique hair pin comb or stick is set with genuine Garnet and Rainbow Moonstone. Crafted with of sterling silver with detailed beadwork,...
  9. Classic Long Sterling Silver Bali Style Hair Stick Pin

    $ 59.99

    Out of Stock

    6.75" Long and 3/8" Wide Weight is 13.2 Grams Marked 925 This Sterling Silver Hair Stick with has an Antiqued Decorated Top. It measures 6.75" long x 3/8" thick at the top and tapers down. Item is crafted of genuine...
  10. Sterling Silver Engraveable Classic Hair Barrette Clip

    $ 11.99

    Out of Stock

    Stones: No Stones Size: 3.25" wide x 3/4" wide Weight: 14 Grams Details: Stamped .925
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