Wiccan Twisted Tree of Life Amulet Sterling Silver Pendant Mickie Mueller Design

Silver Insanity

$ 29.97 

  • 1.5" in Diameter (3x5mm Bail)
  • Weight is About 6.9 Grams
  • Design - Mickie Mueller
  • Nickel Free Silver
  • Marked 925

An important Wiccan symbol, with twisted intertwining branches reaching into the heavens and its roots deep in the underworld of the earth, the Tree of Life dwells in three worlds. It links heaven, the earth and the underworld, uniting above and below. Inscribed with mystic runes in Theban, it reads "As Above, So Below" and the bottom reads "As Within, So Without". This pendant is large and sturdy, crafted of solid sterling silver, and marked 925. Designed by Mickie Mueller, who is an author, illustrator, Co-High Priestess, and an ordained Pagan Minister.