Silver Forbidden Gothic Pentacle Cross Pendant Necklace

Silver Insanity

$ 29.99 

  • Pendant is 2" tall, 1.25" wide
  • Comes with a 18" Chain

A powerful synthesis of Christian and Pagan mystical symbols interwoven around the everlasting Celtic Knot of Life, forming a powerful metaphysical Magickal Amulet for Protection. This gorgeous bright pewter cross pendant, has a gold plated Celtic knot in the center, surrounded by four mystical pentagrams. A dark amethyst colored Swarovski crystal adorns the top of this potent symbol of mystical arts. This is an excellent Gothically styled cross with Pagan and Christian metaphysical symbols that you will find compelling when worn. Made of silver and/ or gold plated lead free pewter. Pendant is 2" tall, 1.25" wide, and comes with a 18" chain in a Black Velvet Pouch (lined with Red Satin)!