Tetragrammaton Magical Star Talisman Amulet Pendant Necklace

Silver Insanity

$ 17.95 

  • Talisman is 1&1/2" tall x 1&1/8" wide x 3/16" thick
  • 20" Chain Included
  • Come Boxed

The Tetragrammaton Amulet is part of a unique collection of ancient Magical Talismans produced in antique brass and copper, encased in pewter. These rare Talismans feel substantial, radiate distinction and come with a matching 20" chain and beautiful gift box with a description of its legend and purpose. This Talisman may bring Divine Guidance and Knowledge to those who wear it. Tetragrammaton represents the secret or unpronounced name of God. Some Kabbalists believe the word Tetragrammaton should never be spelled or pronounced correctly. Out of respect for those who follow this belief, this amulet uses the spelling of Tetraigrammaton. Tetragrammatons are used for Spirit Control & Protection