Scottish Celtic Thistle Cloak or Kilt Sterling Silver Pin Brooch

Silver Insanity

$ 49.97 

  • 2.5" High and 5/8" Wide
  • Weight is 7.6 Grams
  • Nickel Free Silver
  • Marked 925
  • Scottish Celtic Thistle Cloak or Kilt Pin

This large kilt pin or bar brooch is of a beautifully detailed Scottish Thistle. The thistle is a fire herb and symbolizes courageous defense and deeply rooted ideals. Wearing the thistle symbol is a way to share in your Celtic roots and the Celts devotion to courage and saving lives. The Thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. Legend has it that the Norse tried a sneak nighttime attack but, barefoot, stepped on thistles and screamed in pain. Thus, alerting and saving the Scots.